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Everyone at Star Pubs is committed to a journey of being more sustainable. HEINEKEN has a Brew a Better World sustainability strategy embedded right across our business. There are three areas within the strategy:

  1. Environmental: Climate change has already altered ecosystems and it’s negatively impacting agriculture and people’s health and livelihoods around the world. We must act now to dramatically reduce the impact of climate change. This is shaping how we do business today and the way we’ll do things in the coming decades.
  2. Social: we aim to always embrace inclusion and diversity, create a fair and safe workplace, and have a positive impact in our communities to Brew the Joy of True Togetherness.
  3. Responsible: we want to make everyone aware that consuming alcohol is always a choice, we have a responsibility to address harmful use, and make moderation cool by investing 10% of HEINEKEN’s media budget into responsible consumption.

We want to help make more environmentally focused choices too. Part of that journey is giving you the information and insight you need to make more considered choices as part of your business plan.

Let’s Brew a Better World together.

Brew a Better World

Brew a Better World has had a profound impact on our business. The strategy’s ambitions for 2023 raise the bar across all three pillars, nine ambition areas, and 22 sustainable commitments.

Here’s the progress we made with our three pillars in 2022:

Environmental: We now have 73% of our ingredients, such as hops and barley, sustainably sourced. 143 of 186 of our sites are landfill free, and 179 of 186 of our sites also have wastewater treatment implemented.

Social: In 2022, 100% of our markets in scope had a social impact initiative. 100% of our operating companies have a fair wage assessment, and we already have 27% of women in senior management positions.

Responsible: 100% of markets in scope had a partnership to address alcohol-related harm. Markets with an alcohol-free alternative for at least two strategic brands represented 46% of our beer and cider volumes. Further, our operating companies invested over 11% of our media spend in responsible consumption campaigns, reaching over 1.2 billion unique consumers worldwide.

By exploring the links above, you’ll see how Star Pubs is incorporating sustainability into the heart of our operations, and helping our network make responsible choices as part of their business too. If you want to learn more, we’ve also got a video below to tell you more about the Brew a Better World Strategy.