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How can I become a pub operator?

Getting Started

Join us and become a pub operator

Every pub operator has to start somewhere. And there’s nowhere better than starting your career as a licensee with Star Pubs. The first stage to becoming a pub operator is getting a relevant licensing qualification and then obtaining your personal licence. If you don’t already have these, you can find out more about qualifications to get a pub licence here.

What’s the process of becoming a pub operator?

The Star Pubs application process is a step-by-step guide designed to make you feel supported and encouraged from the minute you start your journey, to the moment you pick up your keys. If you want to apply for our Just Add Talent Management Agreement, you can discover the step-by-step guide.

Have a look through our extensive options and find your perfect pub here. Once you’ve found it, just click to apply and start the process, or contact us on 08085 94 95 96 (Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00) or

Once you’ve applied, a Recruitment Support Manager (RSM) will call you to discover more about you, answer any questions you might have and see how transferable your skills and experience already are.

This call will take around 30-40 minutes and will cover if you have a specific pub of interest – we advise you visit this pub if you do. We will also ask about your experience in working with a team, how you’ll look for opportunities to develop your business and how you would deal with customers. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask us any questions – or about your pub of interest too.

In your face-to-face meeting, we’ll talk you through the practical aspects of running your own pub, as well as giving you the chance to ask more questions about Star Pubs and how we can help support you. It also gives us another opportunity to further assess your skills and experience – so we can tailor a business plan that best suits your skill set.

The Business Development Manager (BDM) will go through a checklist to ensure you’re aware of the commercial deal that’s on offer, the information you’ll receive and how to find out more about the pubs’ code. They’ll explain the practical aspects of running a pub, and how you can use your skills and experience to make it a real success.

You’ll also find out about the British Institute of Innkeeping, Pre-Entry Awareness Training course (BII PEAT) which is an e-learning module to give you more information about pub tenancy or lease agreements in the UK. Completing the PEAT course will give you the knowledge and insight you need to evaluate the agreement you’re considering.

After meeting you, the BDM will ask you to create a Sustainable Business Plan. During this period, we’ll give you information about the Pubs Code – which is legislation that regulates the relationship between tied pub Tenants and Pub Owning Businesses in England and Wales. It will also include information about a Pubs’ Code Adjudicator (PCA) who’s the adjudicator that ensures this legislation is adhered to. We’ll then give you a minimum of four weeks to allow you to get independent financial advice and finalise your vision for the pub.

Once complete, you’ll meet with your BDM for a second time to discuss your plans for the specific pub in more detail.

If required, you'll attend our award-winning Innside Knowledge online workshop. This will focus on bringing your business plan to life and make sure you are fully prepared for opening.

We’ll meet up and go through the heads of terms – the key points of our agreement with you to make sure you understand and are happy with them. At this stage, we’ll also go through any upgrade works they propose with you. Once the heads of terms has been signed, the legal agreement is then prepared and sent to your solicitor for review prior to signature.

Once the agreement is signed the pub is yours! The BDM will arrange to meet you at the pub on the first day of your agreement. At this meeting, they will make sure all the keys and security codes are handed over to you. They will also facilitate stock-taking, meter reads and the transfer of the fixtures and fittings.

Finally, they will give you all the contact details you need for property, stock ordering and the support team. And of course, we’ll work closely with you on an ongoing basis to make sure you make the most of your new pub business.

In-depth training with Innside Knowledge

Our induction training workshop is for all our licensees and operators because we believe this is the best way to help you launch your pub business within Star Pubs. It includes a multitude of knowledge and access to all the training and support you need to make the most of every opportunity in your new pub. Find out more about the training we offer at Star Pubs.

The next steps to becoming a pub operator...

Now that you’ve got your accredited qualification and your personal licence, you can start the process of becoming the operator and licensee of your very own pub. Discover more here on how to run a pub successfully once you’re ready to go.