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You're ready to Make Your Mark as an experienced publican

You know what you’re doing when it comes to pubs. You’re someone that can launch and drive a pub business forward, building on your experience and successes in the industry. Let's turn your latest great idea into a reality.

What’s in it for you?

You’re the one with the vision and the talent, our job is to help you make it a reality by offering the expertise and the benefits you’d expect from HEINEKEN UK’s pub business.

What can you expect from the partnership with us?

Pretty simple: Access to everything you need to make your business, competitive. We’ll work closely with you with as little or as much support as you want. And we’ll make sure you’re set up the right agreement, then give you access to everything from professional experts to drive a refurbishment or upgrade, and deals to keep your costs down, right through to operational and marketing training and support and materials over the long term.

What's the process?

We keep things straightforward. Once you’ve reviewed the pub and Leased and Tenanted Agreement information, from your initial application to opening the doors to your pub, it tends to take two-to-four months. Every case is different but there are a few milestones along the way to make sure the pub, and Star Pubs, is right for you. Check out our step-by-step guide to becoming a partner.

Application proces 

Next steps

We’ll work with you day in, day out, providing you with the support you need to make the best decisions.

Everyday Support