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Our 5 Star Promise for Management Agreement

Our 5 Star Promise outlines our commitments to you and all the opportunities available on our Just Add Talent Mangement Agreement. After all, you’re the one with the vision, we’re here to help you make it a reality.

1. Our Uncapped Promise

We never want to put a limit on what you earn. That’s why on top of receiving a percentage of the weekly net revenue you will also receive 20% of the net operating profit, uncapped and paid on a quarterly basis.

2. Our Investment Promise

Being backed by HEINEKEN UK, we’re able to support our Just Add Talent operators with state of the art technology to set them up for the long term, Like HEINEKEN SmartDispense® system which supports outlets to reduces beer, water and CO² wastage whilst improving the beer quality in the outlet.  We’ll also supply you with the best electronic point of sale, compliance and back of house management systems to help you run a profitable pub business.
What's more, through HEINEKEN UK’s ‘Brew a Better World’ mission, we’re also investing in making our pubs and breweries more environmentally friendly.

3. Our Marketing Promise

We want you to feel you have everything you need to make a success of the pub. That means more than supporting you with HEINEKEN UK’s extensive range of drinks brands and Star Pubs category-leading insights. We’ll also provide you with HEINEKEN UK’s wealth of industry-leading ‘ready made’ marketing materials, for the pub. Providing retail support, promotional support and social media support throughout the year, so you can make the most of every event day, however big or small.

4. Our Support Promise

When it comes to support, we promise to offer as much as you need. Face-to-face time with a dedicated Business Development Manager, our award-winning training programme, and as little or as much on-going advice as you require. Because we know every operator’s needs are different.

5. Our Good to Go Promise

With a Just Add Talent agreement, you can rest assured knowing that not only are your ingoing costs lower, but all the big decisions in the managing of the pub are taken care of, leaving you to think bigger and focus on enjoying the running of the pub. Find out more about our Just Add Talent agreement.

Our Management Agreement

Our Management Agreement - Just Add Talent offers many opportunities for new or more established pub operators.

Management agreement

*Detail on SmartDispense® savings: Water savings 8,300 pints per annum (p.p.a), waste savings 1,700p.p.a, gas savings 10.110 p.p.a, chemical savings 391 p.p.a, and 20,100 p.p.a (average system saving among HEINEKEN SmartDispense® CellarPro customers. Based on 10 taps, weekly line clean and minimum 3 kegs/week volume). Detail on SmartDispense® quality uplift: +4% sales uplift per year through consistent quality and staff training (Vianet Beer Insights Report 2019/20. 4% profit increase: 3% improved quality, 1% staff training).