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You're ready to take on your first pub

You’ve got a notion to run your own successful pub. Maybe you’ve already done your research. Or you’re just exploring a dream at this stage. You may have even been there, done that, and worked in hospitality before. The industry we love is tough, but so rewarding. You're ready for a great future with a new pub!

How does the partnership with Star Pubs work?

We’ve got two models, and we’ll work together to see which model is right for you. Once you've got the right agreement in place, we’ll make sure you’re backed with the best support and investment to help make the pub a success. 

If you need a little more support, you can run a pub under our Management Agreement which we call, Just Add Talent. Through Just Add Talent, you’ll take on a ready-made pub with a tried-and-tested food and/or drinks offer, feeling confident that you have the support of a great team with a deep understanding of the industry behind you. 

Or you can take on a pub under our Leased and Tenanted (L&T) model that allows you to fully manage your own pub business with the support of Star Pubs. 

Upfront costs to cover

As with any business, there are initial investments to get things off the ground. Costs typically depend on the pub, the agreement and how you intend to operate. But to give you an idea, here are our ‘rule of thumb’ costs:

£4,000 for our Management Agreement, Just Add Talent
£10,000 for a smaller pub/first time operator
£30,000 for a medium pub that's ideal for partnership or experienced operator
£50,000+ for a large pub that requires experienced entrepreneur or licensee with multiple venues

Management Agreement (Just Add Talent)

The lowest entry cost is through our Management Agreement, Just Add Talent. You'll need £4,000 in unborrowed funds to get started.

Management Agreement Vacancies

Management Agreement

Leased & Tenanted Agreement

To take on a pub with a Leased & Tenanted Agreement, initial operator costs vary. We discuss all costs and investments from the outset to keep everyone clear. Check out our current vacancies for a feel for the upfront costs.

L&T Vacancies

Leased & Tenanted Agreement

Working with Star Pubs

We’ll support viable plans with the commitment, investment, benefits, and expertise you’d expect working with one of the UK’s biggest beer and cider producers. With your dedicated Business Development Manager, we’ll make sure you’re on the right agreement and set up with the skills and knowledge to hit the ground running. Our partnership is built on respect and commitment to making the pub a success. And we’ll be there to discuss ways to improve your pub, alongside offering training and support over the long term.

Read more about our management team

Why choose Star Pubs?

We’re looking for long term partners with talent and the ambition to run a successful pub business – and we’re passionate about helping to create great British pubs that are independent in their look and feel. It’s about connecting the right person to the right pub. Because when that happens, the business can thrive, and the community gets a fantastic pub to visit.

Our Management Agreement 5 Star Promise

Our L&T Agreement 5 Star Promise

Find your perfect pub

Whether it’s a family-friendly local or a sports bar you’re looking for, we’ve got some amazing opportunities for you. Browse our available pub vacancies or get in touch with our team if you have somewhere or something specific in mind.

Search for Management Agreement (Just Add Talent) vacancies

Search for L&T Agreement vacancies

What will the process be like?

Every case is slightly different, and we’ll work with you during the process to help you understand each process in more detail.

Management Agreement (Just Add Talent)

There’s a more in-depth application process for people taking on a pub through our Management Agreement (Just Add Talent) programme to make sure it’s right for you. But we keep things straightforward. The process is designed to make sure you’re ready and that the pub, the agreement, and Star Pubs, is right for you.

Management Agreement application process


Leased & Tenanted Agreement (L&T)

For someone thinking about taking on a pub as a Star Pubs licensee (and not through our Management Agreement (Just Add Talent programme)) it's important to recognise that our business is governed by the regulations laid out in the industry-wide Pubs Code.

Overseen by the Pubs Code Adjudicator, the Pubs Code is designed to ensures the relationship between the pub company and licensee is fair and transparent.

You can find important information on the Pubs Code here. And for useful information from the Pubs Code Adjudicator on your rights and our responsibilities, we recommend you look at the regulator’s website throughout the recruitment process.

Once you’ve reviewed the pub and agreement information, and got your own housekeeping in order, from your initial application to opening the doors to your pub, it tends to take 4-6 months.

L&T application process

Next steps

As a first-time publican, you’ll probably appreciate the help available to you to run your first pub, from Business Development Managers to online portals, you’ll have a range of options to choose from at a time that’s right for you.

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