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Looking to grow your portfolio as an experienced operator

You might have a successful business model that you want to roll out to another site. Or perhaps you’ve seen an opportunity to plug a gap in your portfolio. Or spied a great opportunity for a pub refurbishment. You might even already have a Star Pubs & Bars pub and want to take on another. It's time to Make Your Mark.

Taking on a pub with us: What’s in it for you?

You’re the one with the vision and the talent, our job is to help you make it a reality by offering the expertise and the benefits you'd expect from HEINEKEN UK's pub business. We’re passionate about helping to create great British pubs that are independent in their look and feel. The quality and diversity of pubs across our estate is a testament to that fact. This is no cookie-cutter operation.

Our partnerships are transparent, commercially attractive from day one, and give you access to product or service deals to keep your operating costs down. Taking on a pub with Star Pubs means you’ll have as much, or as little, support as you want across your business, over the long term.

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Why choose Star Pubs?

Whether your great idea is for a premium destination pub, a family-friendly local with great food, or a sports-focused bar in town, we're committed to backing entrepreneurs with the right vision. We ground our partnerships with multiple operators on respect and a mutual drive to succeed. We created our 5 Star Promise to outline our commitments and the opportunity for you on our Leased & Tenanted (L&T) models.

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Upfront costs to cover

Any pub business requires some upfront investment from the operator. The amount depends on the individual lease and pub. As you know, they are all different and will require varying levels of investment to get the pub ready. Together, we’ll discuss all costs and investments from the outset to keep everyone clear. Here is our rule-of-thumb-guide:

£10,000 for a smaller pub/first time operator
£30,000 for a medium pub that's ideal for partnership or experienced operator
£50,000+ for a large pub that requires experienced entrepreneur or licensee with multiple venues

Find your next pub

We’ll make sure you’re put in contact with the right person if you have something specific in mind so feel free to get in touch with the team today. Otherwise, check out what’s currently available.

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What's the process like?

It's relatively straightforward. First, you need to review and confirm you’re happy with the pub and agreement information. Then it could take a matter of weeks if housekeeping is in order and the process is smooth.

Leased and Tenanted Application process 

Next steps

We’re ready to give you the support you need, if and when you need it.

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