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Think Bigger with Just Add Talent, Management Agreement

Helping you have the best time, bringing the best times. With our Management Agreement – Just Add Talent, you can rest assured knowing that not only are your ingoing costs lower, but all the big decisions in the managing of the pub are taken care of, leaving you to think bigger and focus on enjoying the running of the pub.

What is the Just Add Talent management agreement?

Our management agreement offers many opportunities for new or more established pub operators. First of all, you get to take on a ready-made pub. We do the necessary research on the competition, the locals and the community. We figure out the best strategy for the area and the pub. We craft the food and drinks offer based on tried and tested menus. And we set up straightforward processes to make sure the ‘behind-the-scenes’ and business-side of things is as simple as possible. This means that our Just Add Talent operators can focus on delivering the pub experience for the customers. Successful operators concentrate on making the best possible environment for people to enjoy themselves (and spend money on drinks and food of course!).

It takes an amazing team to sustain a successful community pub. And that’s the great thing about our management agreement. Because of the support we offer, our Just Add Talent operators can focus on employing and managing the best people for the pub. And that’s not all. Not only do operators receive extensive training, but their team will also have ongoing access to training courses to help develop their skills too.

The Just Add Talent management agreement allows you to grow into the operator you were meant to be. So what's the offer?

Uncapped earning potential and a ready-made pub, not to mention accommodation offered in many cases, our Just Add Talent management agreement is great for people who want to operate a successful pub business, with added support and security of having an experienced team by their side. We're committed to investing in the people and the pubs, with our commitments laid out in our 5 Star Promise. Simply, our Just Add Talent Management Agreement offers you the support and environment to help you do what you do best.

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What do Just Add Talent operators love about running the pub?

Of course, we would say this, but it’s a great set up! As a pub operator, no two days are the same. You’ll meet more interesting people than you could ever imagine. You’ll have some great stories to share. And memories to recall. It’s hard graft. And your social life and work life may become blended and unbalanced. But our most successful operators wouldn’t have it any other way. Check out this video featuring Kimberley, one of our Just Add Talent stars and operator at The Drill.


Who makes the best operators on our Just Add Talent agreement?

Our Just Add Talent operators come from a range of backgrounds. What connects them, however, is their mindset and personality traits. Successful operators are those people who take pride in their work. They have a strong work ethic. They display a freedom of spirit and creativity to execute an established retail offer. They are team players and like to work within a structured environment. The best pub operators demonstrate exceptional people skills. They quickly understand what people need, how best to interact with them. They can make people feel valued. That goes for members of their team and for customers coming through their door.

Skills-wise, successful managed operators usually have on-trade or hospitality backgrounds, perhaps having experience in pub and bar management, casual dining, or managed house operations under their belt. However, much of this can be learned on the job. Just Add Talent is a great opportunity for interested people with retail experience or transferable skills including customer service, business technology user knowledge, line management, marketing, cash and stock management skills to enter the pub industry and to execute our retail offer.

We have complete faith in our application process and award-winning training programme Just Add Knowledge, so it’s more about finding the right individual for the right pub.

Does that sound like you? 

What kind of support is on offer?

The training and support we offer to our managed operators is extensive and award-winning! Our application process and Just Add Knowledge programme are designed with participants at the core. Both have been set up to prepare you for life running a pub and to make sure we’re pairing the right talent with the right pub on the most suitable agreement for you. Every operator has the support of a Business Development Manager. They work closely with operators to develop the best ways to run and grow the pub.

Which types of pubs are offered under the managed operator agreement?

Our estate of Just Add Talent pubs is wide-ranging across the UK. From premium local pubs to high street bars, and wet-led community pubs to locals with great food on offer, there is plenty of choice and options for the right operators to deliver our fantastic retail offer in the pub that suits their talents and personalities.

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Next steps

Visit our Getting Started section, or take your next step and learn more about the application process for our Management Agreement – Just Add Talent.

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