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How do I run a successful pub?

Getting Started

Get the support and tips you need to run a successful pub.

No matter if you’re at the start of your hospitality journey or with Star Pubs, or are building on your previous success, it’s always great to know that support – as well as some insider tips – are always close to hand. Everyone here wants you to succeed and we’ll support you throughout your career as a Star Pubs Licensee.

How do I run a pub?

There is no one way to run a pub successfully – how a pub is run very much depends on its location, what it offers and who its customers are. But if you’re driven, ambitious and want to be your own boss, you’re exactly who we’re looking for.

You don’t need to have any specific industry experience, you simply need to be up for the challenge and be passionate about running a pub. We can support you with everything else, including creating an environment and service that turns your pub into the local everyone wants to go to.

Expertise + Support = Success

Star Pubs will support you in a huge number of ways – and demonstrate why we’re   in a perfect position  to help you learn new skills, develop and flourish. From marketing support, category insight, investment and food & drink training, right through to financial and health and safety guidance, we’ll be by your side providing the perfect balance of support and freedom to ensure your pub is a roaring success – and help you achieve your own personal goals too.

Find out more about our Management Agreement, Just Add Talent

At Star Pubs & Bars, Just Add Talent is what we call our Management Agreement, which means we set the offer, and cover many of your pub running costs, so you can concentrate on being the best licensee you can be. It’s our most comprehensive programme and it’s designed to help you reach your goals.

You can see just what it means to be a Star Pubs & Bars operator by finding out more on what’s required to run a pub or start searching for your next pub.