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Do I need any qualifications to run a pub?

Getting Started

How do I qualify to be a pub licensee?

The good news is qualifying to be a pub licensee is a relatively simple process. And although each area of the UK has slightly different rules, you still need to obtain a relevant licensing qualification. This qualification, known as a personal licence, shows you understand the Licensing Act of 2003, are of good character and can sell alcohol responsibly. Getting this qualification is the first step to enable you to apply for a personal licence – which will allow you to be a licensee and operator – and allow you to sell alcohol. 

For full information on obtaining a personal licence in England, Wales or Scotland, check out this article - How can I get a pub licence? 

What happens once you receive your personal licence

Once you receive your personal licence, you can act as an operator and licensee for any business that sells or supplies alcohol. Again, if it’s right for you, we want you to succeed at every turn. So Star Pubs will help you find everything you need.

Do I need to have experience of being a pub licensee?

No! We encourage pubs with personality, led by people with the ambition to create a sustainable pub business. So it’s more important you bring a natural way with people, to listen and care, bring a strong work ethic and make people feel like they belong. It’s about creating a destination where everyone feels like a local, even if they only visit once. 

If you can bring these traits, we’ll back you with the kind of industry-leading support you’d expect from one of the world’s largest brewers. Things like a long-term investment and support, fantastic brands on tap and the sort of stability that leaves you free to make your vision a hugely successful reality.

We can’t wait to welcome you to Star Pubs. And as you take your first steps to becoming a licensee or operator, you can discover more about what it takes and how we’ll always be there to support you.

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