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Path to Zero Impact

As pubs are at the heart of communities, they play an important role in heightening awareness of climate change and the conscious environmental actions we can all take.

Reducing Our Carbon Emissions

As a business we’re reducing our carbon emissions through the production and supply of our products through our pub estate. It’s important to us that when you supply our beers and ciders within your pub, you’re confident in HEINEKEN’s environmental consideration of their production. Through our Brew a Better World sustainability strategy, we have seen a 20% reduction in carbon emissions from our production sites in 2022 compared to 2018.

This makes every Star Pubs venue an automatic participant in one of HEINEKEN UK’s biggest commitments, and as a Star Pubs licensee, it makes you part of the mission too.

Further, within Star Pubs’ managed operator pubs, Just Add Talent, we aim for net zero carbon emissions by 2030, and in leased and tenanted pubs, we are aiming for net zero by 2040. Star Pubs began doing desktop trials in 2021, then in 2022 started testing existing and emerging technologies in pubs. In 2023, HEINEKEN and Star Pubs aims to invest £1.1 million into rolling our energy efficiency initiatives in over 280 pubs. In addition, Star Pubs is spending a further £200,000 on testing electric kitchens, solar panels, cellar heat recovery, and heat pumps, so that you can run the most energy and cost-efficient pub possible.

Smart Dispense

There are many ways in which Star Pubs can help you be more sustainable and energy efficient, and some of the biggest gains we have made can start right in your own cellar.

The SmartDispense® system helps licensees serve quality drinks to their consumers whilst reducing water use. Since launching in 2012, SmartDispense® has prevented wastage of more than 134 million pints of water. Reduced water and energy costs allow you, as a licensee, to reinvest in other areas of your business.

Alongside SmartDispense® we have also launched CellarManager which can be installed in cellars reducing your energy consumption by an average of around 5,221kWh or £940 per year*.

*Independent results based on subterranean and ground floor pub cellars. 36% saving @£940 p/a. using energy rate of 18p per Kwh.