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Path to an Inclusive, Fair and Equitable World

At Star Pubs, everyone's welcome! Inclusion and diversity not only spark joy and foster a sense of true togetherness within your pub, but a diverse workforce also encourages varying viewpoints and perspectives.

Diversity is key

As a company that values inclusion and diversity, it’s important to us that you and your customers feel valued as individuals. We have created a network of Inclusion and Diversity Ambassadors to ensure this.

These ambassadors focus on themes such as LGBTQ+, Gender Equality, Age Inclusion, Disability Inclusion, and Race & Ethnicity to ensure employees from all functions of the business are comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work each day.

We’re part of your community

Your pub plays an important role: it is the centre of a community. We are great believers in the importance of brewing the joy of togetherness. That’s why we have partnered with Marmalade Trust, a charity dedicated to increasing awareness around loneliness. Research revealed that almost half of the adult British population (46%) experience weekly feelings of loneliness. As pubs are the heart of communities, the social connections people make within them can help tackle the feelings of loneliness that Marmalade Trust raises awareness of.

Additionally from 2017 to 2022, our campaign Brewing Good Cheer raised awareness of loneliness within communities through using pubs to support local communities, community organisations, and charities by bringing people together. In early 2022, we donated £100 towards a bar-tab to reunite people within their local pub, celebrating togetherness.

We also collaborated with the Campaign to End Loneliness and commissioned the Open Arms Report, revealing that pubs are social hubs that help to tackle loneliness and social isolation in communities. In fact, 64% of respondents said they felt the pub is one of the main places they can go and socialise, with many feeling that a brief conversation within the pub can alleviate their feelings of solitude.