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Rhindsdale Ballieston

155-157, Main Street, Glasgow, G69 6AF

Pub Code: 2302868101

Key Features

  • Coming Soon
  • Investment Planned
  • Outdoor Trade
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More Information

Coming soon!

We are planning to refurbish this pub, however because the terms of the Tied Pubs (Scotland) Act are still being finalised, we are not able to share any commercial details such as rent, deposits or length of term just yet.

Are you an innovative operator who can appeal to this key demographic?

In the meantime, we would love to hear from you if you are interested in this opportunity, so hit the apply button below and we will be in touch to take your interest further

  • Foundation Tenancy

  • Refurbishment Planned

  • Music Venue

  • Outdoor Trade

Trading Area & Facilities

Private Accommodation

The above figures are provided as a guide only and will be finalised as part of the commercial agreement. All figures quoted are exclusive of VAT.

Estimated Working Capital is an estimate of key start-up costs such as professional fees, training fee, premises license fee, F&F valuation fee & till floats. There will be additional ongoing charges payable during the term of the agreement such as property maintenance, repairs fund, SmartDispense. These costs will be outlined prior to completing a business plan and finalised at Heads of Terms.

The calculation of the Estimated Minimum Ingoing Costs assumes a minimum deposit of 1 month's rent and that fixtures and fittings (F&F) are rented. The subsequent deposit build up and F&F rental costs should be included in your financial assumptions in your business plan. Note that on FRI and Investment Tenancy Agreements deposits will always be 3 month's rent in advance and fixtures and fittings (F&F) must always be purchased. A deposit of 6 month's rent will be required for operators trading under a Limited Company with no Guarantors. In order to ensure a successful start-up, all applicants must have a minimum £10,000 un-borrowed funds.


155-157, Main Street, Glasgow, G69 6AF

Google map location image of Rhindsdale Ballieston