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The Red Lion Shepperton, UK

Discover The Red Lion – Shepperton's riverside gem.

Nestled on the banks of the majestic River Thames at Shepperton, The Red Lion makes the most of its stunning location – and it also has a few surprises too...

A picture-perfect pub

Located in the picturesque town of Shepperton, Surrey, The Red Lion boasts an idyllic setting right on the banks of the River Thames. Whether you're seeking a relaxing spot to unwind in the summer months, or a vibrant venue for celebrations, you can revel in the beautiful views of the river from the beer garden.

But what is the Red Lion’s story?

Licensees Steve and James are best friends who grew up in the area, and one day spotted that their former local was available to let when they came home to visit their families. With decades of hospitality experience between them, these former restaurateurs knew they could bring passion, dedication and innovation to every aspect of the pub. Now renowned for its food, their journey has culminated in the vibrant community hub that is The Red Lion.

In fact, this gastropub is the perfect venue to contemplate a trip down the river in one of their hire boats, indulge in a spot of lunch or dinner, or just pop-in for a drink to sample the warmth of their hospitality. As Steve says, ‘I've run restaurants for quite some time. And I say I love this industry. I enjoy every day of the week, a Wednesday is as good as a Saturday to me, so to make our mark here is amazing and we’ve really put ourselves on the map.’

Any occasion is catered for

From the vibrant main bar to the cosy snug that’s ideal for private parties, The Red Lion offers an array of inviting spaces. Its restaurant area, luxury private dining cabins, and riverside beer garden all provide the perfect backdrop for any gathering. There’s even a gift shop to take away a little reminder of your visit – or for those last-minute presents too.

Fresh, locally sourced, and homemade

At The Red Lion, they take pride in being a food-led pub – and their chefs craft every dish with care, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. They try to make as much as possible in-house, and that’s everything from homemade bread to artisanal mayo! Oh, and did we mention they have a dedicated dog menu too?! Because good times are made even better with your canine companions. Steve said, ‘One of my mantras is it's all about the one percents. So if you want to do something 100%, you need to do every 1% at 100%. So whether it be to say hello to someone when they come in, making sure the coffee is good, the food's good, the drinks are great, the service is great, the music is on and the music is right, the heat, you know all of these little elements, you have to put all of those together to make something perfect that you're going to get people to come back for.

Unforgettable events

The Red Lion is more than just a pub. Steve and James put on a range of events that are designed to get the community involved and reward local people too.

We’ve mentioned the ‘Pub Tub’ boat hire – which Steve said he receives comments from guests saying they ‘feel like they’ve been on holiday for two hours’ – but there’s also creative workshops like candle or wreath making, lively quiz nights and live music too. And some of this live music has quite an unusual stage…

As Steve said: ‘The real big draw is our 100-foot river garden with his own bar, its own lounge, and the boats coming back in in the summer. We bring a boat into the moorings and use that as a stage!’ The Local Hero Campaign, where you can nominate someone deserving to win a free Champagne meal for four is also an amazing initiative, but also a great way to reward the unsung heroes of our area.

The next time you visit Shepperton, why not immerse yourself in the charm of The Red Lion? After all, where else can you charter a boat, go on ‘holiday’ and still be back in time for a stunning meal?