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Revenue generation ideas for your pub

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When it comes to creating revenue streams for your pub, it’s about knowing your audience, and tailoring your offering to give them more of what they want. Today we’re showcasing just some of the ways that The Red Lion in Shepperton has made the most of its location, and implemented some creative ways to generate that all-important extra revenue.

Always moving forward

The Red Lion is nestled on the banks of The Thames at Shepperton, and its licensees Steve and James have created a pub that goes one step beyond in everything it offers.

First of all, the food.

The licensees are best friends that grew up in the area, and their background is in the hospitality and restaurant trade. Realising their former local was available, they knew they could shape The Red Lion into something they always wanted for Shepperton. A pub that could offer gastro-pub level food, had a brilliant, homely atmosphere – but wasn’t afraid to try new things too.

One of first things they did was transform the menu by collaborating with their amazing chef, Robbie, and then they focused on creating a relaxing spot to unwind in the summer months, a vibrant venue for celebrations, and a place where you can revel in the beautiful views of the river from the beer garden they designed and built from scratch!

Almost everything is homemade

The chefs at The Red Lion try to make everything homemade as much as they can. And that’s everything from bread to artisanal mayo and lots more besides. Again, it’s another way to differentiate themselves from the competition and add something ‘extra’ to their offering. They even have a dedicated dog menu so you can order something for your pampered pooch as you enjoy your own food.

And their focus didn’t stop there... did we mention the ‘Pub Tubs’?

Let’s go for a boat ride

Available during the months of April to September, The Red Lion has built a mooring pontoon that it uses to launch its stunning, upcycled fully electric boats. Customers can hire these boats and it’s a great way to explore the River Thames and means the pub is even more of a destination in the spring and summer too. Customers often say they feel like they’ve “just been on holiday” after their boat trip as it’s a great way to relax and unwind!  And by creating an idyllic riverside garden venue, it’s enabled The Red Lion to offer something it never had before. As Steve said: ‘The real big draw is our 100-foot river garden with his own bar, its own lounge, and the boats coming back in in the summer. We’ve even brought a boat into the moorings and used that as a stage!’

Adaptable for any occasion

From the vibrant main bar to the cosy snug that’s ideal for private parties, The Red Lion offers an array of inviting spaces. Its restaurant area, luxury private dining cabins, and riverside beer garden all provide the perfect backdrop for any gathering. And a final little flourish is the gift shop where you can buy a perfectly curated array of small gifts or even souvenirs from your visit. It’s yet another touch that helps with extra revenue and when combined with everything else, gives people another reason to return too.

Events for all

The Red Lion has been created to be more than just a pub. Steve and James put on a range of events and workshops designed to get people involved and engage with the local community. When the pub is used for these events, the vast majority of people attending will buy food and drinks during the course of the event, and stay on afterwards too! So, it’s a win-win for everyone. They’ve already made the pub a venue and hub for creative workshops like candle or wreath making, lively quiz nights and live music – which all make The Red Lion a vibrant place to be, no matter the day or the time of year.

It's not just events held at the pub that The Red Lion puts on, Steve and James also enjoy creating treasure hunts around the village to get even more of the local community involved. Clues are posted on social media and lots of prizes – including gift cards for the pub – are hidden around the village, creating a bit of a buzz and excitement and to keep people engaged with their local.
The pub is constantly evolving its offering and looking at new ways to impress customers. There’s beautiful work from local artists on display for sale in the pub, which all look spectacular, but also create some additional revenue streams for the pub too. 

The Red Lion is a truly inspirational pub and if you’re ever in the area, take a trip down the river in one of their hire boats, grab some lunch, have a few drinks and then even stay for dinner. You can do it all at The Red Lion.

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