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Coach & Horses Dalkeith

166-168, High Street, Dalkeith, EH22 1AY

Pub Code: 2302150101

Key Features

  • Coming Soon
  • Investment Planned
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More Information

  • Coming Soon

  • Foundation Tenancy

  • Refurbishment Planned

  • Catering Kitchen

Trading Area & Facilities

Private Accommodation

The above figures are provided as a guide only and will be finalised as part of the commercial agreement. All figures quoted are exclusive of VAT.

Estimated Working Capital is an estimate of key start-up costs such as professional fees, training fee, premises license fee, F&F valuation fee & till floats. There will be additional ongoing charges payable during the term of the agreement such as property maintenance, repairs fund, SmartDispense. These costs will be outlined prior to completing a business plan and finalised at Heads of Terms.

The calculation of the Estimated Minimum Ingoing Costs assumes a minimum deposit of 1 month's rent and that fixtures and fittings (F&F) are rented. The subsequent deposit build up and F&F rental costs should be included in your financial assumptions in your business plan. Note that on FRI and Investment Tenancy Agreements deposits will always be 3 month's rent in advance and fixtures and fittings (F&F) must always be purchased. A deposit of 6 month's rent will be required for operators trading under a Limited Company with no Guarantors. In order to ensure a successful start-up, all applicants must have a minimum £10,000 un-borrowed funds.


166-168, High Street, Dalkeith, EH22 1AY

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