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The Two Lifeboats Sheringham, Norfolk

The perfect viewpoint at The Two Lifeboats on the Norfolk Coast.

Travelling to Sheringham on the Norfolk Coast, we were struck by the area’s beauty. The stunning coastline. Sea air that clears the senses. The abundance of nature. And the positive atmosphere of people happily milling around. It’s picture perfect.

Running a pub by the sea is a lot of people’s dream, so we were keen to explore the realities of finding and running a pub somewhere like this. Is it all Cromer crabs and chilled rose?

Taking some time out of a busy service on a sunny afternoon, we sat down with Tim Joudrey, licensee of The Two Lifeboats. We had a laugh, and he was generous with his insights. What’s clear is his pragmatic and entrepreneurial approach to running a pub business, and commitment to creating an unforgettable experience for his customers.

You can learn more about his entrepreneurial approach in our coaching area. However, here are six bits of advice from our conversation on the day.

  1. The pub’s brand is critical.
  2. You can’t rely on a location to do the work for you.
  3. “You're only as good as your worst member of staff.”
  4. Embrace feedback.
  5. Focus on the figures.
  6. You’ve got to enjoy being in the company of people.

We couldn’t agree more – cheers to Tim! We’ll meet you at The Two Lifeboats for a sundowner any day…

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