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Make Your Mark with SmartDispense®

Getting Started

See how SmartDispense® is helping The Unicorn Inn take its green credentials as seriously as its warm welcome.

How SmartDispense® makes a difference

As featured on our Make Your Mark tour, The Unicorn Inn, is located in Hanley, Stoke on Trent. A small venue that’s packed with character, licensee Tracey had a vision to not only create a pub that locals and visitors alike could be proud of, but one that would make as small an impact as possible on the environment too.

With that in mind, the SmartDispense® system installed in her cellar helps her pub serve quality draught beer and cider whilst reducing their water, CO2 and cleaning chemical usage. And it can help your pub reduce beer and cider wasteage, lower its environmental impact and save money too.

The benefits of SmartDispense® are clear

SmartDispense® is the latest in pub cellar innovation, and it ensures the beer or cider that reaches every customer’s glass is perfectly chilled, resulting in a pint temperature of less than three degrees every time. Not only that, because of the temperature-controlled dispense system, line cleanings take place every 6 weeks completed by our own specialist technicians . This means the technology can save a pub with 10 lines up to 1,700 pints of beer and cider, 8,300 pints of water and 5,739 litres of CO2* over a year. Some impressive savings!**

There’s an exceptional range of SmartDispense® draught dispense solutions that can be tailored to the needs of your bar. And as a SmartDispense® customer, you’ll also get access to a complete package of benefits that will help you grow your business.

Save more than money

Pubs that have SmartDispense® installed save water, cleaning chemicals, CO2, beer and cider. And it even saves time too thanks to the less frequent line cleaning completed by our expert technicians. So SmartDispense® will improve your profitability by increasing the quality of every pint you serve, and it will improve your sustainability. With SmartDispense®, you can commit to creating a great pub experience and help look after the environment at the same time.

Find your pub Getting started

*Represents bottled CO2 used within the beer dispense system
**Source: 2022 Heineken UK data taken from a selection of outlets and is based upon an average within a 10 tap outlet, with standard SmartDispense® system installation, reducing cleaning to every 6 weeks."