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Eagle Tavern Heage Belper

94, Ripley Road, Belper, DE56 2HU

Pub Code: 2302988101

Key Features

  • Catering Kitchen
  • Smoking Area
  • Large Car Park
  • Outdoor Trade
  • Private Accommodation

Est Min Ingoing Costs: £8,519

Annual Rent: £16,079

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Charming Community Focused Pub

The Eagle Tavern is on Ripley Road, a busy main road that cuts through the populated suburb. The area consists of a mix of residential housing and retail stores.  There are over 40,000 adults within the local area.

The current offer at the Eagle Tavern is wet led. There is an opportunity to put in place a great value food offer to increase trade.  Live Sports and live music are current attractions for customers. 


Community Pub Operator Required

Do you have experience running a value driven and community-centric local pub? We are seeking an innovative and passionate community operator. You will create a great value food & drinks offer. You will drive trade through sports and engaging with the community.

  • Catering Kitchen

  • Foundation Tenancy

  • Function Room

  • Live Sports

  • Pub Games

  • Smoking Area

  • Car Park

  • Outdoor Trade

  • Monthly Billing

  • Weekly Billing

Trading Area & Facilities

There are two main trading areas, the first lounge has access to the bar in the centre of the site. The second also has access to the bar. There is a mix of ceramic tile flooring and hardwood flooring throughout the pub.

There is a large car park which could be a space for hosting events. 

There is a cordoned off seating area with fixed bench seating.

Private Accommodation

The private accommodation consists of bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and a lounge.

Premises Licence Details

See premises licence for full details

Premises Licence Opening Hours

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
11:00 -
11:00 -
11:00 -
11:00 -
11:00 -
11:00 -
11:00 -

Annual Rent £
Estimated Tenants Annual Operating Profit £
Representative HEINEKEN UK Brand Discount Per Barrel £
Estimated Annual Turnover £
Estimated Annual Barrelage
* The above figures are provided as a guide only and will be finalised as part of the commercial agreement.
** All figures quoted are exclusive of VAT

Ingoing Costs
Estimated Licensee Fixtures and Fittings Value £
Estimated Fixtures and Fittings Valuation Fee £
Estimated Stock Valuation £
Deposit Amount £
Rent in Advance £
Training Fee £
Estimated Designated Premises Supervisor / Manager Fee £
Premises Licence Fee £
Rates Assessment Fee £
Estimated Legal Fees £
Estimated Total Ingoing Costs £
Estimated Minimum Ingoing Costs £
In order to ensure a successful start-up, all applicants must have a minimum £10,000 un-borrowed funds.
The calculation of the Estimated Minimum Ingoing Costs assumes a minimum deposit of 1 month's rent and that fixtures and fittings (F&F) are rented. The subsequent deposit build up and F&F rental costs are not included in the rent model or ongoing costs below.
Note that on FRI Agreements deposits will always be 3 month's rent in advance and fixtures and fittings (F&F) must always be purchased.

A deposit of 6 month's rent will be required for operators trading under a Limited Company with no Guarantors.
Other SP&B Ongoing Charges
Estimated Annual Building Insurance £
Estimated Annual Maintenance Compliance Charge £
Estimated Annual Accountancy & Stocktaking Charge (including tills) £
Estimated Annual Repairs Fund £
The above figures are provided as a guide only and will be finalised as part of the commercial agreement
* All figures quoted are exclusive of VAT
** Deposit build up will be payable over a maximum of 24 months
*** Fixtures and Fittings annual rental fee should be estimated at 15% of the F&F value. The actual F&F value will be determined on the day of entry
**** Maintenance Compliance Charge relates to the fees for various statutory inspections
***** Estimated Legal Fees is a charge applied to your account by SP&B for creation of your Lease. You are required to engage and pay for your own solicitor - your solicitor's fees are not included in the above estimate

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