Star Pubs & Bars offers lessees two year's savings on Sky TV and Wi-Fi in run up to new football season

Star Pubs & Bars is building on its partnership with Sky to offer all of its lessees free Wi-Fi for their business and customers for two years, a deal that will save them over £1,100. The company is also continuing its 30% discounted Sky Ultimate package for another two years, providing pubs with typical savings of £6k over that period.

The free Sky Wi-Fi service, powered by the Cloud, follows the success of Star Pubs & Bars’ 30% discount on a Sky subscription offer* that saw participating pubs perform 7% better on average over the last year than those without the deal.  It also boosted beer, cider and soft drinks sales by an average of 21% during Monday night Premier League match screenings alone.

In a competitive market, Star Pubs & Bars is urging all its lessees to consider new sales building ideas. The company says that customers now expect Wi-Fi as standard and its ambition is to increase the percentage of its pubs providing Wi-Fi from 60 to 100%.

The company is also aiming to increase the number of pubs with Sky in its estate from a quarter to a third in the run up to the new football season.

Chris Jowsey, Star Pubs & Bars Trading Director, says it will be targeting pubs with both a strong food business and a good wet trade from local people where lessees might not previously have considered Sky. “Our sales analysis shows that these pubs benefit just as much from screening sports as wet led community and high street pubs without compromising their food sales.”

* Worth an average of more than £3,000 per year to participants, Star Pubs & Bars’ Sky deal includes commercial Wi-Fi, standard installation and Sky HD boxes. To qualify lessees must stock Fosters Gold, Heineken & Desperados, three flavours of Bulmers and, where cask is on tap, up to two cask ale brands from the Heineken portfolio, as well as use Star Pubs & Bars premium packaged lager support package which provides lower product prices in exchange for exclusively carrying Heineken brands.