Responsible retailing at Star Pubs & Bars

Star Pubs & Bars is providing all its lessees with a guide on responsible retailing, with ideas on how they might execute initiatives designed to encourage moderate alcohol consumption and tackle underage drinking.

Star Pubs & Bars is keen to lead the way in responsible retailing as it believes it is no longer an option for licensees but a necessity, given growing health concerns and the spotlight on local license holders.

The guide provides an overview of industry schemes promoting responsible alcohol retailing as well as practical measures lessees and their staff can adopt in their premises.

Topics covered in the guide include:

  • How to encouraging moderate drinking, through measures such as lower abv wines and lagers and smaller unit glasses
  • Ideas for responsible promotions, encouraging sharing and a mechanic to calculate the number of units in each drink
  • Ways to handle and challenge underage drinking, with advice on age verification policies and the law relating to test    
  • Tips on how to minimise drunken behaviour and refuse service
  • An overview of the Drinkaware campaign
  • Heineken initiatives to promote moderate drinking.

The guide is being sent out with Drinkaware, Challenge 21 and Challenge 25 posters, as well as the Licensed Trade Charity Leaflet.

Chris Jowsey, Star Pubs & Bars trading director says: “Star Pubs & Bars is aiming to set the standards by which all pub operators are judged.  We believe that running a responsible outlet is more than just good PR, it makes long term business sense – ensuring a sustainable industry."

“The guide is an easy to follow useful reference document, providing all the information needed in one place with helpful tips that lessees can share with their staff.  It is only by working together that we can make inroads in encouraging moderate drinking and preventing anti-social behaviour.”

Star Awards Best Newcomer award winner, John Kavanagh of The Hamilton Russell says of the guide:  “I welcome the production of the Responsible Retailing Guide, which we shall use at The Hamilton Russell to help promote moderate alcohol consumption and tackle underage drinking as it gives me the information needed to be able to best train my staff on their responsibilities to the business and most importantly to the customer.”