New Star Pubs & Bars lessees get latest Android till systems

Till System Photo

Star Pubs & Bars is providing new lessees with state-of-the-art Android till systems which will give them, as well as their accountants and stocktakers, access to a Cloud based system that enables them to generate and pull down all financial reports when and where they want. Provision of this technology will also ease cash flow and enable them to keep track of their business performance from day one.

Star Pubs & Bars has also negotiated competitive prices for all existing lessees wanting to update their Epos equipment and make use of the new cloud-based service.

In addition, Star Pubs & Bars has negotiated fixed prices for the next three years for its InnsideTrack support and made a number of improvements to the service. It has increased the number of wet and dry stock-takes from 9 to 12 a year, bringing them in line with the monthly accountancy reports already provided, and added an extra accountant visit every year into the package.

Lessees will be able to opt for an ‘Innside Track light’ package in year two with lower levels of reporting and lower fees if they are in full financial control of their business and are generating the levels of profit indicated in their business plans.

As part of the improvements, Star Pubs & Bars is including more regional suppliers in its list of recommended accountants and stocktakers. Lessees are free to choose which they wish to use from this list. To help them make an informed choice and monitor the ongoing performance of these suppliers, Star Pubs & Bars is introducing bi-monthly scorecards on each to be published on its ecommerce and recruitment websites.

Chris Jowsey, trading director said: “Quality, up to the minute information is key for lessees wanting to manage their staff and stock effectively. For those lessees taking on a new pub with us we’re removing the need to spend a huge amount of money on tills, helping with cash flow in those all important first months. Our Innside Track accountancy and stocktaking programme system gives them the framework needed for the financial reports generated by their accountants and the data needed to keep on top of their accounts which they can access when and where they like.

“For existing lessees, we’ve looked at ways to keep accountancy and stocktaking fees competitive, through negotiating a three year fixed price and by introducing a 2nd year less detailed support option for those clearly on top of their game.”