Get a rates rebate


If you think you’re paying too much in business rates, Star Pubs & Bars may be able to help. If a new competitor has recently opened, major refurbishment works at a competing outlet have taken place, there have been building works or demolitions at nearby businesses or housing, or road works have affected your trade, you might be eligible for a reduction on your rates.

Recently, in conjunction with our partners at Gerald Eve, we were able to successfully negotiate with the council on behalf of the Marine in South Shields. Its rateable value was reduced from £30,000 to £26,500 – a modest reduction because the pub had been unable to provide trade evidence. However, when further trade evidence was obtained and the appeal was reopened, the result was another reduction down to £18,750. And when the same property was later affected by nine months of road works, which affected trade, we were able to negotiate a further reduction to £14,750! It just goes to show, it’s always worth questioning your rates. To see if you’ve got a case for a rate reduction, contact Dolores Griffiths at Gerald Eve on 020 7333 6422 or visit