Dressed For Success

The Mill, Stokesley

Alex Cook of The Mill, Stokesley has launched a range of Mill clothing. It is providing free advertising for the pub, building the Mill brand and has generated £1,700 in profits since October. “Customers loved our staff uniform hoodies and T-shirts and kept asking to buy them. The idea grew from there,” explains Alex. Hoodies, T-shirts, baseball caps and mugs (£10 for two with a tin of coffee) are stocked in the pub. More expensive items, such as £60 puffa jackets and £30 gilets, are available on five-day order. The merchandise proved popular for Christmas presents with Alex selling 90 £25 hoodies. Posters in the toilets, a display in the pub and occasional special offers giving hoodie wearers 10% off food help promote the range. “I counted 18 people wearing hoodies one day,” adds Alex.