Bulmers Extends Flavour Family

HEINEKEN launches refreshing new lower-alcohol variants for UK's No1 modern cider brand

HEINEKEN, the UK's leading Cider and Beer business, is strengthening its Moderation portfolio with the launch of two exciting new lower ABV fruit variants from its Bulmers brand. The UK's No.1 Modern Cider is introducing the refreshing new flavour combinations to tap into the growing demand for products aimed at lighter drinking occasions.

Available to off-trade customers from March, at 2.8% ABV Bulmers Cider Five Fruit Harvest and Bulmers Cider Indian Summer have been developed to offer consumers a compelling choice of lower alcohol ciders that deliver extra refreshment without compromising on superb quality and taste.

The moderation category

The moderation segment has the potential to grow to 5% of total Cider and Beer volumes in the UK within 10 years. However, until now the category has largely focused on beer-based propositions leaving cider options largely untapped. HEINEKEN is committed to increasing consumer choice to help licensees realise the growth potential of lower-alcohol ciders which could represent a £150m opportunity over the next decade.

Perfect for mid-week social occasions, the two new fruit variants have been specially created to appeal to 18-34 year old male and female drinkers who enjoy experimenting with exciting new taste combinations. Bulmers Cider Five Fruit Harvest is a lighter-drinking, refreshing cider, made with a blend of five late harvest fruits; Apple, Pear, Plum, Quince and Grape. Bulmers Cider Indian Summer is a unique cider with a subtle spice, made with apples and a hint of ginger and cardamom. Both ciders will be sold in 568ml single bottles.

Bulmers is now the No.1 Modern Cider brand , growing its portfolio and strengthening its share of the market via an exciting product innovation programme, which to date includes notable successes like Bulmers Crushed Red Berries with Lime, Bulmers Cider Bold Black Cherry and Bulmers Cider Pressed Red Grape. The new lower alcohol variants will offer drinkers a choice of two very different but equally refreshing flavours from the market leader while opening up the Bulmers brand to new drinking occasions.

Martin Porter, Managing Director-Off Trade at HEINEKEN said: "As the leader of the Modern Cider category, Bulmers is the perfect brand to lead and develop the emerging Moderation segment. The new variants performed exceptionally well in consumer testing and we are confident they will be welcomed by the growing number of shoppers who are currently unable to find a quality cider product with a lower alcohol content that delivers maximum taste and refreshment."

Bulmers will be supported by a heavy weight marketing investment in 2014, spanning TV, outdoor and digital activity to drive awareness amongst target 18-34 year drinkers. Retailers seeking to maximise the moderation opportunity should stock the new variants alongside other lower ABV propositions like Foster’s Radler, creating a clearly signposted section for shoppers to easily find what they are looking for.