Taking on any business is a major decision. Running a pub is even more so, as it’s a way of life as well. You will probably live on the premises and could be working with a partner too.

While we’re on hand to support you, the pub will be your business. There’s a lot to think about and we want to help you be sure you know as many of the facts as possible before you make any commitment.

As you’ll find out, at Star Pubs & Bars we’re all about teamwork and support. And that support starts even before you join us. In fact it starts right now with this website about running a pub with us. After you’ve read all the information you should be able to confidently answer the question: is this career for me?

The Benefits of Running a Pub

Socialising with friends will never go out of fashion. And people always need to eat and drink whatever the economy is doing. In fact the food and drinks industry is incredibly robust and a well-managed pub can be a hugely rewarding career with very good financial opportunities.

And it’s not just us saying that, take a look at these figures from the British Beer & Pub Association:

20 million
Pints are enjoyed in British pubs every day.
13 million
Tourists visit British pubs every year.
1 billion
Meals are sold in British pubs every year.
£22 billion
Beer and pubs contribute £22bn to UK GDP.
Source:1 British Beer & Pub Association 09.01.13

Drinks Sales are on the Increase

While responsible drinking and a healthier lifestyle have led to a decline in volume of beer sales over recent years, the cash value of sales shows a consistent year on year growth as drinkers trade-up to more premium products.

Percentage increase cash value of sales year on year graph
Source:1CGA strategy Brand Index MAT value sales MAT change for the 52 w/e 03/11/2012.

There has also been a significant growth in pub coffee with the average food pub now selling 14,000 cups of coffee per year.

Food sales have grown to £15 billion or 25% of total revenue
15% of pubs now serve breakfast1
Food now accounts for 25-50% of pub income
The average food pub now sells 14,000 cups of coffee per year
Source:1. CGA Strategy/Institute of Licensing 06.03.2014

Pub Food Sales are Increasing too

This is a huge growth area and 20 branded food pubs are opening for every one that closes. The market is changing rapidly as tastes and expectations change how - and where - people socialise. To take advantage of this huge shift in what people want from a pub, Star Pubs & Bars has partnered with 3663 to help our lessees introduce a simple and profitable food offer.

All this expertise, help and support means that our pubs and bars are in the enviable position of being able to cater for almost all tastes. Whether that’s drink, food or ambience.