Star BDMs first in industry to have mobile access to machines data analysis

Star BDMs first in industry to have mobile access to machines data analysis

Using a mobile friendly web platform and a geo-locator to facilitate quick access to machines specific data, BDMS will be able to view real time machine income trends and machine performance for each machine to share with lessees during meetings.

The data will flag up trends, highlighting when income is up or down and enabling it to be compared against wet sales.  Where machines income is down but drink sales are up it will alert BDMs and lessees to an issue and allow them to identify and remedy it. Where sales are up it will highlight the potential to grow machines income through the installation of a second machine and facilitates immediate discussion and, where appropriate, planning of machine type and positioning whilst BDMs are on site with lessees.

The data will also enable BDMs to give lessees a snapshot of their share of income, the Machine Gaming Duty owed and what VAT is reclaimable, providing them with a complete picture of each machine’s revenue and performance.

Chris Jowsey, trading director said:  “Machines are a vital income stream for many lessees. We are committed to being at the forefront of innovations in the sector so we are as strategic as possible in the advice we provide and can maximise machines take for our lessees.”

Star Pubs & Bars has also completed a retendering exercise for machine suppliers in order to obtain the best value and performance for lessees resulting in a 2% reduction in rental charges without any loss of quality of service.