Our Agreements

What types of leases are available?

Written in plain English, our leases have distinct differences designed to help you choose the agreement that’s right for both you and the pub.

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Scroll down to the Our Agreements section of our Working with Star page to see examples of our leases.  

Business Start-Up Agreement

Business Start-Up Agreement (Three Years) – designed for first time operators, this lease includes our unique ‘walk-away’ clause which allows you to terminate your contract with us, at any time and for any reason, giving only 3 months’ notice. You have to carry out some internal repairs and decorations. We own the majority of the fixtures and fittings, reducing your ingoing costs.

5 Year Tenancy

Rolling Tenancy (Five Years) – designed for operators with some business experience, this lease offers the protection of the Landlord & Tenant Act and entitles you to renew the lease at the end of the tenancy. You have to carry out some internal repairs and decorations. We own the majority of the fixtures and fittings, reducing your ingoing costs.

10 Year FRI Lease

Fully Repairing and Insuring Lease (By Agreement) – designed for experienced operators, our long term lease (10+ years) is fully assignable (ie. you can sell it on) and you are responsible for all repairs. You own the majority of the fixtures and fittings, therefore your ingoing costs will be higher compared to our Business Start-Up and Rolling Tenancy agreements.

Please check our pubs to let page for more detail, and to see which lease types are available for each pub.

All of our agreements are tied, requiring you to buy your beer, cider, alcopops, juice and minerals from us. Furthermore, as part of Heineken, you will get the best support in the industry to help you maximise your sales, from selecting the right brands for your pub to cellar training and marketing.

How Much Does it Cost to Take on a Leased Pub

Every leased pub is different, so requires individual support and investment packages. But as a rough guide we’ve found that lessees should have these minimum cash resources available for a successful start-up:

£10,000 for a smaller pub that is ideal for a first time operator.
£25,000 for a medium sized pub that’s perfect for a partnership or a single operator with some experience.
£50,000 for a large pub that requires an experienced business entrepreneur or an existing operator with multiple houses.

Is Any Additional Financial Support Available?

Where pubs are trading well below their potential we offer help while trade is building up – it’s our Lessee Support Package.

This package is designed to improve cash flow by helping you keep more money in the business and includes:

Lessee Support Package
  • Payment of certain fixed costs by Star Pubs & Bars, such as Sky TV, business rates and training fees.
  • Additional discounts on tied products.
  • Further discounts for achieving volume targets.
  • Significant financial rewards of up to £5,000 for achieving the highest retail standards.

Qualifying pubs display the Lessee Support Package logo on our pubs to let page and other advertising.